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Coaching & Consultation

Through coaching, consultation and assessment, I help untangle your brain so you can work WITH your strengths instead of pushing against your weaknesses. In order to explore your own intensity, I offer individualized coaching via zoom and VIP days or 1/2 days via zoom or at my forest property in the Columbia River Gorge 30 min NE of Portland Or. My coaching rate is $150 an hour with custom package options available depending on needs. Each session is customized for you, ranging from finding and implementing neurodivergent friendly strategies unique to your needs, improving your self-care and self-regulation skills and exploring your creative sense of purpose.

Curious about learning and processing strengths and weaknesses? In addition to my Adult Learning Profile Assessment, I can also help interpreting educational evaluations and offer consultations on existing test data.

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Adult Assessment

Twice Exceptional thinkers are both gifted and have some sort of disability that might get in the way of fulfilling their full potential. That means, while you know you have areas of great thinking strengths, you also have some areas of challenging weakness. This asynchrony can be a challenge because while some things that are difficult to others come easily to you, some of the most basic seeming things can be your greatest challenge!

You know you’re brain works differently, but you can’t quite put your finger on how. Using a combination of standardized screenings, self-ratings and interview I can help you clarify your own unique learning profile and how it can be applied to support you in your personal goals.

*Assessment is for informational purposes only. It is not diagnostic, but reports can be shared with a medical professional to aid in diagnosis if desired.

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Student Assessment

Combining my years in special education as a school psychologist in the school system with my experience working with gifted and twice-exceptional thinkers, I help outside the box thinkers identify their processing strengths and weaknesses and come up with tools and strategies to help them more effectively navigate work, school, and life with a better understanding of what works for them, and what does not.

I offer comprehensive educational evaluations to identify learning strengths and weaknesses and make educational recommendations for students.

Already have an evaluation but not sure how to interpret it? Curious about learning and processing strengths and weaknesses that might be found in past testing or new self-ratings? I also do consultations on learning strengths and challenges.

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