What is Embracing Intensity?

Have you ever felt like you’re “too much” or too intense? But at the same time, you may feel like you’re never enough? Embracing Intensity is a community, podcast, and other media dedicated to help you use your fire without getting burned! Combining real-world experiences and educational knowledge, Embracing Intensity helps you identify and use your neurodivergent strengths, while supporting your challenges.

About Aurora

After years of feeling “too much,” Aurora finally realized that intensity is the source of her greatest power. Now instead of beating herself up about not measuring up to her own self-imposed standards, she is on a mission to help gifted and outside-the-box thinkers befriend their brains and use their fire without getting burned through her Embracing Intensity Podcast and community, coaching, and strengths-based educational assessment. Aurora uses her personal experience as a twice exceptional mom, educator and individual to help others to better understand their extreme strengths and challenges.

What is Twice Exceptionality?

Twice Exceptionality (2E), means being both gifted and having a learning difference, challenge or other neurodivergence. Because of their extreme strengths and challenges, a 2E person’s gifts may hide their challenges, their challenges may hide their giftedness, or they may appear to cancel eachother out. It can be difficult to get support because one or both aspects may go unrecognized, and people don’t understand why someone who can do complicated things, often can’t do things deemed more “basic”

“Aurora “gets” me without even saying anything. That is so comforting right there. She explains how intensity is related to any problem I bring her. I find it incredibly validating and very much a relief. She feels very down to earth and real with me. Not to mention how resourceful she is!! I highly recommend Aurora for coaching around intensity and sensitivity. I just had a session with her yesterday that is still bringing me smiles because she blew my negative thinking out of the water with a little share about her own life. I’m very grateful. She helped me put myself out there, which kicked off my entire coaching program.” – Wendy Holthaus. Warrior Hearts Coaching

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