About Aurora

After years of feeling “too much,” Aurora finally realized that intensity is the source of her greatest power. Now instead of beating herself up about not measuring up to her own self-imposed standards, she is on a mission to help gifted and outside-the-box thinkers befriend their brains and use their fire without getting burned through her Embracing Intensity Podcast and community, coaching, and strengths-based educational assessment. Aurora uses her personal experience as a twice exceptional mom, educator and individual to help others to better understand their extreme strengths and challenges.


  • Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology, Chapman University, 2003
  • Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology, Chapman University, 2003
  • Comprehensive training in life purpose coaching & working through blocks, 2013
  • OSPI Certified School Psychologist in the school setting, 2003-present
  • Lifetime interest in the unique needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners.
  • OATAG Board Member and Event Committee chair
  • Extensive professional development in ADHD, Executive Functioning and other related topics.


Coaching & Consultation

Adult Assessment

Student Assessment

Aurora went above and beyond and cared about my son and his future success in a way that no one in this field had previously shown. We finally had the knowledge and understanding of what would work for him. He is now THRIVING and went from failing 6th grade (getting D’s and F’s) to having one of the highest grades in his 8th grade class. I cried at his parent/teacher conference this fall. I will forever credit Aurora on helping my son become what he is meant to be. Thanks for everything! ~ Nisha Supahan, Owner of BaDundle and Tattoo 34

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