ND Planner Club


Can your planner keep up with your own complex brain?

Typical planners are often too basic or inflexible to work for a lot of neurodivergent creatives. For a planner tool to work, it has to include a balance of:

  • Structure & Flexibility
  • Ease & Challenge
  • Novelty & Predictability

Finding the right planner tools can be difficult and we might like some features of one, but not other aspects.

Sometimes we enjoy getting creative with our planners, and other times we just need it to do its job.

That’s why it’s great to have tools that can be used both as-is, or customized to fit our needs!

In my new Embracing Intensity Planner Club you can find both ready-to go planner tools AND customizable templates so you can find what works for your current mood.

Join now for just $4.99 then $9.99 a month!

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What’s Included:

  • New monthly Planner Pages & Stickers
  • Monthly Editable Canva Templates
  • 38 Executive Functioning Planner Pages w/ Prioritizing & Problem Solving Tools
  • 6 Self-Empathy Planner Pages
  • 22 icon stickers
  • 2023 Dated Planners
  • Self-Empathy, Prioritization & Problem Solving Quick Guides
  • Request Custom Pages to add to the shared library