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“You have so much potential!” Do you cringe when you hear this?

You know you can do amazing things, but you never seem to live up to your own self-imposed standards.

Maybe you can relate…

  • Things others find difficult come easily to you, but things others find easy are really, really hard.
  • You feel both too much, and never enough at the same time.
  • You hate hard work, but love a good challenge.
  • Your outside the box thinking has been the source of both praise and criticism.
  • You procrastinate to avoid having to be perfect.
  • You skated through early school but crashed in high school or college (or even dropped out).
  • You excel at high level thinking, but memorizing basic facts is a challenge.
  • You tried to get tested for a disability, but you were told you “performed too well,” or you were identified as disabled but no one recognized your gifts.

If any of these ring a bell for you, you might be twice exceptional!

Twice-Exceptional is an umbrella term for people who are both gifted and neurodivergent. Neurodivergence includes not only ADHD and Autism, but any other neurological or mental health condition that impacts the human brain.

Many twice-exceptional people either go undiagnosed because their gifts mask their deficits, or their gifts go unrecognized because their deficits mask their gifts.

The long-term impacts of unaddressed neurodiverse conditions can include burnout, shame and viewing symptoms as character flaws.

Unrecognized giftedness can lead to imposter syndrome, unhealthy perfectionism and challenges with feeling self-worth.

I started Embracing Intensity to support neurodivergent people to recognize their strengths and stop pushing against their weaknesses.

I’ve created resources to help find ways to work with your brain instead of against it.

Now you can access all my current and future courses and tools for just $9.99 then $19.99 a month!