Executive Functioning Planner Bundle


“Get a planner” is not the magic fix people think it is, especially when they are designed by neurotypicals!

But as someone with late diagnosed ADHD, I do like having a physical place to track things and have gone though many hyper focus cycles finding the types of tools that work for me!

I liked the concept of the Bullet Journal (or BuJo), but the idea of drawing my own grids and re-writing things over and over seemed like a waste of time. So I started printing my own customized pages that I can fill in where needed and decorate as desired!

Now I bring to you my Executive Functioning Planner Bundle with 38 original printable planner pages, plus my PLUS a 32 page Planning & Prioritization Quick Guide and icon stickers!

  • 38 Original Planner Pages
  • 5.5×8.5 PDF for ease and portability (you can custom print 2 per page)
  • Dot grid style format
  • Hand drawn bujo look
  • 22 icon stickers in black & colors
  • Decorate, or not, to suit your own mood
  • A 32 page Planning and Prioritization Quick Guide

Access the Executive Functioning Planner Bundle for $15, or join the Planner Club for $4.99, then $9.99 a month for new monthly planner content!

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Executive functioning is the ability to plan, focus, organize, and time effectively, which is often a challenge for neurodivergent folks, especially those of us with ADHD.

This planner has tools to address a wide range of executive dysfunction including planning & prioritization, working memory and metacognition (thinking about thinking). In addition to basic planner tools, you can also find prioritization & problem soliving tools I created specifically for gifted and neurodivergent creatives with a 32 page guide on how to use them!

Planner Pages Include:

  • 4 Yearly Planning Pages
  • 2 Monthly
  • 4 Weekly
  • 2 Daily
  • 8 Prioritization Tools
  • 6 Problem Solving Tools
  • 2 Goal Setting
  • 2 Habit Trackers
  • 2 Project Planning
  • 2 Meal Planning
  • 2 Notes
  • 1 Password Log &  Blank Dot Grid