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Coaching & Consultation

 Through coaching, consultation and assessment, I help untangle your brain so you can work WITH your strengths instead of pushing against your weaknesses by:

~ Providing a calming non judgemental space to process.

~ Recognizing your strengths and helping you implement them in effective ways.

~ Organizing and translating your thoughts to help you articulate them to yourself and others.

~ Breaking things down into concrete actionable (and realistic) steps.

~ Using my school psychology background to help identify learning and executive functioning strengths and challenges, including in depth assessment when desired.

Contact Me For A Free Consultation To See If Coaching Or Assessment Would Be A Good Fit!

I never thought I would work with a life coach but it was one of the best things I did last year. The toolkit alone was worth the price of the Ignite Your Power Program! I signed up because I thought it was a good time with extra flexible time ahead of me. Then life happened and got pretty crazy, but your tools helped me get through. It’s kind of like having a baby you know, there’s never a ‘right time’ to do it. I’m glad I did it when I did.” ~ Rifat Salam, Professor of Sociology

One on One Coaching

In order to explore your own intensity, I offer individualized coaching via zoom and VIP days or 1/2 days via zoom or at my forest property in the Columbia River Gorge 30 min NE of Portland Or. My coaching rate is $150 an hour with custom package options available depending on needs. Each session is customized to your own needs, but some of the topics we might explore include:

Befriend Your Brain

Combining my years as a school psychologist with coaching, I help outside the box thinkers identify their processing strengths and weaknesses and come up with tools and strategies to help them more effectively navigate work, school and life with a better understanding of what works for them, and what does not. Working one-on-one with me, we can explore your specific profile and find tools that help you use your brain’s strengths and navigate your weakness.

Ignite Your Power!

My signature Ignite Your Power course is designed to help you use your intensity to connect with your unique super powers, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life. The full course can be found in Embracing Intensity Community, and through 1:1 coaching we can personalize the lessons to suit your own needs. This program is a good fit if you find yourself cycling through sprint mode then crash, you have a hard time saying no to the things that are draining your energy and/or you could use support in regulating your own energy and prioritizing your time. You can find more about the Ignite Your Power Course here.

Find Your Focus

Many gifted and outside the box thinkers find themselves with branches in many directions because they can see the possibility in everything! If left unpruned, you can wear yourself out and not be as effective in any direction. If you over-prune, you may be left with nothing that nourishes your soul! Together we can explore what makes you come alive and prioritize so you can enjoy your passions without spreading yourself too thin.

The benefits of working with you have been so great in such a short amount of time. STAR is becoming my mantra when I’m hitting high stress times. I’m so glad I started with you as I’m working on finishing up this big project. I’d originally thought, “I’ll wait until afterward, now is not the ‘perfect’ time.” Thankfully, I tossed that thought out because learning about self-care and improving my self-empathy through all the stress and chaos was the ‘perfect’ thing to do! We had a conversation about sleep – or lack thereof, because I wake up at 5 AM with my brain on overdrive. The plan we came up with is helping immensely! Waking up at 5 AM with my brain on fire is becoming more and more rare and that’s made a huge difference!” ~ Alesia Zorn, Lettering Artist

Educational Consultation

Curious about learning and processing strengths and weaknesses? Consultation rate is $150 an hour, and usually range between $300-$500 depending on amount of material to review. In addition to my Adult Learning Profile Assessment, I can also help interpreting educational evaluations and offer consultations on existing test data that includes:

  • Cognitive Processing rating scales that can be completed by self, parents and/or teachers as desired.

  • Identification of any pattern of processing strengths and weaknesses on existing testing (relevant if there is a large spread in test scores – if all test scores are average or close to each other, no likely patterns will emerge).

  • Handouts with visuals to explain processing areas of concern if they come up.

  • Recommendations for relevant accommodations and modifications for specific areas of weakness.

  • Support you with developing questions for follow up with the student’s school/evaluation team so you can better understand the results.

  • Recommendations for possible testing areas that might give more relevant data. (I always recommend pursuing what you can through your school, but also understand that school districts vary in their testing practices).

I cannot give legal advice as districts and states vary widely in their practices.