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Adult Learning Profile Assessment

Twice Exceptional thinkers are both gifted and have some sort of disability that might get in the way of fulfilling their full potential. That means, while you know you have areas of great thinking strengths, you also have some areas of challenging weakness. This asynchrony can be a challenge because while some things that are difficult to others come easily to you, some of the most basic seeming things can be your greatest challenge!

You know you’re brain works differently, but you can’t quite put your finger on how. Using a combination of standardized screenings, self-ratings and interview I can help you clarify your own unique learning profile and how it can be applied to support you in your personal goals.

*Assessment is for informational purposes only. It is not diagnostic, but reports can be shared with a medical professional to aid in diagnosis if desired.

What Can I Learn From This Assessment?

  • A profile of thinking and learning strengths and challenges.

  • Potential indicators of giftedness.

  • Potential indicators of learning challenges or twice-exceptionalities.

  • Motivating needs that drive your habits and choices.

  • Recommendations to support your unique thinking and learning style.

What Does The Assessment Include?

  • Standardized Cognitive and Academic screeners to look at potential giftedness, and learning strengths and challenges.

  • Specially selected self-report checklist for your individual profile.

  • Qualitative interview.

  • One hour call to go over results and recommendations.

  • A comprehensive report with recommendations for using your thinking and learning strengths.

Curious if an Adult Learning Profile Assessment might be right for you? Contact me for a free consultation.

Assessment rate is $600-750 including approximately 2-3 hours of one on one assessment (in person or remote), analysis and report and 1 hour review and recommendations call.

It is really common for neurodivergent/2e/gifted folks to only get a bigger picture of what’s actually happening inside their brains & bodies as adults. This is my story and is exactly why I wanted to invest in Aurora’s Adult Assessment. In this process, Aurora had me fill out a written interview, complete several rating scales, and then we did a series of cognitive and achievement screenings. We met before all of the screenings to clarify my history and intentions and then met once the final evaluation was completed. The final written evaluation included reflections on my neuro-cognitive processing strengths and areas of challenge and then closed with a summary of recommendations and resources. Aurora has a huge breadth of knowledge and experience from her profession as a school psychologist. This is an incredible resource for adults who want to really claim their strengths while knowing the places to get support and build their resources. – Leah Walsh, Life Coach & Creator of Leah K Walsh Coaching