Upcoming Events

Self Advocacy w/ Dr. Matt Zakreski

Self-Advocacy For our September Guest call we have Dr. Matt Zakreski talking about Self-Advocacy. About Matt: Dr. Matt Zakreski is a psychologist, professor, international speaker, & an advocate for gifted education, sex education, and LGBTQ+. Join us via Zoom at 10:30 AM Pacific! (Sign up here for Log In Details) Upcoming Calls: Oct 15 – Nadja […]

Tidying Up Your Brain (Marie Condo Style) w/ Nadja Careghetti

Tidying up Your Brain (Marie Kondo Style) Our October guest call will be on Tidying Up Your Brain (Marie Condo Style) with Nadja Careghetti. About Nadja: Nadja is the host of the Unleash Monday Podcast and certified in the Marie Condo method. Upcoming Call:  Nov 19 – Julia Wild – Why Sensitives Need an Ego […]

Why Sensitives Need an Ego

Why Sensitives Need An Ego After studying various philosophies from all over the world in college, taking in various forms of Buddhism (but mainly Tibetan) for nearly 20 years and going to more personal growth seminars that I can count, I came to see that much of what is available for personal growth seemed patriarchal, […]

From Burnout to Brilliance

Conquer Burnout and Truly Thrive w/ Zarya Rubin, MD Now Available in the Embracing Intensity Guest Call Library! Are you a smart, passionate person struggling with chronic stress and burnout? Do you have an endless to-do list, taking care of everyone's needs but your own? Has your physical and mental health started to suffer to […]

See Life Through a Different Lens

Mindfulness and gratitude as a creative w/ Zaakirah Muhammad Sat Feb. 18, 10:00-11:30 AM PT Zaakirah has more than 10 years of professional photography and branding experience. She empowers people to step outside of their comfort zone through her gift of visual storytelling. Zaakirah is also the CEO and founder of Phocused Media Group which […]

Never Leave the Playground w/ Rukshana Triem

April 15 2023, 10 AM Pacific "Never Leave the Playground" is a thought-provoking and inspiring talk based on the new book by Rukshana Triem. In this talk, Triem shares insights and practical tips on how to maintain a playful and curious mindset throughout your life. Drawing on her own experiences, Rukshana shows that play is […]

ADHD Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford

May 20 2023, 10 AM Pacific Join us with ADHD Advocate and Coach, Arianna Bradford, who will share insights and strategies on how to boost productivity while living with ADHD. Arianna, who herself was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021, understands the unique challenges that come with being neurodivergent and will provide practical tips that can […]