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Why Sensitives Need an Ego

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Why Sensitives Need An Ego

After studying various philosophies from all over the world in college, taking in various forms of Buddhism (but mainly Tibetan) for nearly 20 years and going to more personal growth seminars that I can count, I came to see that much of what is available for personal growth seemed patriarchal, dogmatic and inapplicable to my particular path. As a sensitive, I needed to self-advocate and set boundaries, and the concept of the dissolution of self/ego did not work for me. In fact, sometimes it just made me feel guilty for wanting to assert myself. Not that there weren’t gold nuggets in what I studied, but in the end, I realized that as a sensitive and a female, I needed a healthy ego and this is what we will talking about in our discussion today.

About Julia:

Julia R. Wild, M.S., is a #1 bestselling author, who has blogged for TEDxMileHigh and taught at the world-renowned Somatic Experiencing Institute. She has been fortunate to sit in writing classes with trailblazing creatives such as Julia Cameron, Cheryl Strayed and various poet laureates. Julia is a firm believer in sensitivity and creativity for healing, and she enjoys helping sensitives find/restore their powerful voice. For more information and to contact Julia, visit http://www.juliarosewild.com

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