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A 12 part course and community to help you use your intensity to connect with your unique super powers, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life!

Using the STAR Process! (Stop, Think, Act, Request)

STEP ONE: STOP And Get Crystal Clear.

  • Build your self-regulation toolkit so you can respond more and react less.
  • Clear your mental chaos to find connection & clarity on what to do next.
  • Nurture your own self empathy by listening to your head, heart and gut.
  • Balance your time & energy by exploring what energizes your and what drains your battery.

STEP TWO: THINK to clarify your priorities to better meet your own needs.

  • Build your positive coping skills and reexamine your unproductive ones.
  • Explore your deepest needs and creative ways to meet them.
  • Find meaning and purpose as you move through challenges.
  • Use tools to prioritize & simplify your life.

STEP THREE: ACT By Finding Strategies And Routines That Work For You

  • Create positive habits so you don’t have to constantly rely on willpower alone.


  • Build your resiliency to keep going and bounce back when you feel shame and doubt.

STEP FOUR: REQUEST Support To Help You Stay On Track

  • Own your own power through assertive communication


  • Connect with others to build your own support network.

Guest Speaker Series

Guest Recording Library

  • Asyncronous Development in Gifted Adults with Tiffany Chhuom
  • Breaking the Stress Cycle with Zarya Rubin, MD
  • Building Confidence & Resilience with Cosette “CoCo” Leary
  • Connecting with Nature w/ Rukshana Triem
  • Drama vs. Passion with Alexandra Loves
  • The Embracing Intensity Journey w/ Aurora Remember
  • Finding Your Way Back to the Playground w/ Gary Ware
  • Fostering Self-Compassion in Gifted Individuals w/ Heather Boorman
  • The Gifted Shift w/ Anamaria Call
  • Goal Setting & Fear w/ Clinton Fetters
  • Honoring Your Sensitivity with Leah Walsh 
  • The Importance of Play with Boontarika Sripom
  • Imposter Syndrome with Kate Arms
  • The Intersection of Queerness & Neurodivergence with Leela Sinha
  • Intuitive Flow with Kari Betton 
  • On Motivation w/ René Brooks
  • Overexcitability with Chris Wells
  • Playing with Your Inner Critic with Jeff Harry
  • Positive Disintegration w/ Chris Wells
  • Resilience w/ Silver Huang
  • Talking with Your Inner Critic w/ Shannon Meade
  • Time Management with Emily Roach
  • Thriving with Intensity w/ Kate Arms
  • Twice Exceptional Relationships w/ Dr. Melanie Hayes
  • The Wall of Awful with Brendan Mahan
  • Writing to Heal with Nneka Coxeff
  • Your Rainforest Mind Book Study w/ Paula Prober

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