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Thriving as a Twice-Exceptional Adult w/ Dr. Melanie Hayes

Oct 21 2023, 10 AM Pacific In this talk, Dr. Melanie Hayes, author of We Tried Normal and Being Twice Exceptional, will explore what it means to thrive as a neurodivergent adult. As a leader in the 2e community, Dr. Hayes will share insights and practical strategies for identifying and building on your strengths, finding […]

Neurodivergent Intimacy w/ Cate Osburn

Sat Nov. 11, 10:00-11:30 AM PT Join us for an exciting and informative talk with Cate Osburn (@catieosaurus) about the unique relationships that neurodivergent people experience when it comes to intimacy. Cate will draw on her experience as an ADHD & autistic content creator, certified ADHD sex educator, and mental health advocate to explore topics […]