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Neurodivergent Intimacy w/ Cate Osburn

November 11 @ November 11 - November 11

Sat Nov. 11, 10:00-11:30 AM PT

Join us for an exciting and informative talk with Cate Osburn (@catieosaurus) about the unique relationships that neurodivergent people experience when it comes to intimacy. Cate will draw on her experience as an ADHD & autistic content creator, certified ADHD sex educator, and mental health advocate to explore topics such as how neurodivergent people and partners can communicate better and foster understanding and connection in relationships, and how to recognize and accept common triggers of intimacy for those with Autism and ADHD. We’ll also have time for open discussion, so bring your questions and get ready for an engaging conversation!

About Cate:

Catieosaurus (she/they) is a certified ADHD sex educator, mental health advocate and full-time content creator. As a professional streamer and TTRPG influencer, she is passionate about opening conversations about neurodiversity and accessibility into the gaming community.

About the Embracing Intensity Community

The Embracing Intensity Community is a community of gifted, creative and neurodivergent individuals who are exploring their strengths while supporting their challenges.

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November 11
November 11