A Self-Regulation Course for Gifted, Creative and Outside-the-Box Thinkers!

12 Comprehensive Lessons & Workbooks to help use your intensity to connect with your unique strengths, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life!

Do you ever feel like you’re too much?

Too emotional? Too analytical? Too intense? Too sensitive?

And at the same time, you sometimes feel like you are not enough.

The truth is half the time you feel like you’ve been shot out of a cannon, you’re so wired you just can’t seem to stop, the rest of the time you crash so hard you’re not good for much of anything.

You’ve tried a bunch of approaches, but nothing seems to make a difference right away so you give up quickly.

Your loved ones may say you’re overreacting, but for you life really is that intense.

So let me ask you,

Is this you…

  • When you’re working it’s go, go, go but the second you have a break you collapse from exhaustion, feeling like a slug.

  • You have this weird ability to focus on certain things but you can get so lost in your work that you completely lose track of your basic needs (even going to the bathroom!)

  • You feel stifled creatively, since you got a “real” job or became a parent, you’ve been feeling trapped because you never have time to do the creative work you crave.

  • And speaking of that “real” job, you got into it because you wanted to make a difference but you notice there’s a lot of stuff about the work that feels meaningless — endless paperwork, writing useless reports and all those budget meetings.
  • You set ridiculously high standards for yourself (in fact other people are often intimidated by you) but you always seem to fall short — it just seems that everybody else is so much more “together” than you.

If you relate, you’re probably a Highly Excitable Person. Much like high sensitivity, excitability is often found in gifted and neurodivergent adults.

So what do I mean by highly excitable? Highly excitable people have an increased ability to perceive and respond to their environment. In other words……

You pick up on things that other people don’t and respond more intensely than the average Joe.

People may describe you as dynamic, intense, sensitive, fiery, restless, passionate or spirited, but your intensity can also cause stress related health issues and/or anxiety and make it difficult to find others who understand.

The Good News Is…

You’re greatest excesses are often your greatest assets!

When you harness the power of your excitability, you can achieve epic things!

Highly Excitable People have the unique ability to (depending on your type of excitability)…

… form deep connections with other people and living things.

… pick up on tiny nuances in their environment.

… use their dynamic energy to bring people together.

… be able to think things through to create brilliant connections .

…  uncover unique angles and perspectives that solve problems and introduce new ways of thinking.

The Truth Is Anyone Who Has Achieved Anything Great Is Probably Highly Excitable In One Of The Five Areas.

Here are some Highly Excitable People throughout history:

  • Jane Goodall (Emotional)

  • Ansel Adams (Sensual)

  • Robin Williams (Psychomotor)

  • Albert Einstein (Intellectual)

  • Walt Disney (Imaginational)

You Can Use Your Own Power For Good!

So Imagine:

  • Getting home from a full day of work and having the energy to call up a friend and meet her for dinner.

  • Knowing how to handle the everyday stress of life — family visits, temper tantrums, employee evaluations, traffic jams — without crumpling up in a ball (or screaming back).

  • Have a routine in your life that works, so you write every day, make sure to take a walk, drink your water, etc. but know how to adapt when you need to.

  • Having a clear sense of “having something special to offer” as opposed to always wondered why you’re the one who is always so sick, wired and tired.

Yes it really is possible!

My mission is to help Highly Excitable people use their fire without getting burned or burned out by connecting with their unique powers, balance their energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in their life.

The benefits of working with you have been so great in such a short amount of time. STAR is becoming my mantra when I’m hitting high stress times. I’m so glad I started with you as I’m working on finishing up this big project. I’d originally thought, “I’ll wait until afterward, now is not the ‘perfect’ time.” Thankfully, I tossed that thought out because learning about self-care and improving my self-empathy through all the stress and chaos was the ‘perfect’ thing to do! We had a conversation about sleep – or lack thereof, because I wake up at 5 AM with my brain on overdrive. The plan we came up with is helping immensely! Waking up at 5 AM with my brain on fire is becoming more and more rare and that’s made a huge difference!” ~ Alesia Zorn, Lettering Artist

DSC_0609 copy.jpg

Who AM I and How Do I Know This?

Hi, I’m Aurora Remember Holtzman

After years of feeling “too much” (too intense, too sensitive, too emotional, too scattered and too exhausted), I finally realized that intensity, in the form of excitability, is the source of my greatest power. Now instead of beating myself up about not measuring up to my own self-imposed standards, I’m on a mission to help people embrace their intensity and use their fire without getting burned!

That’s why I created…

Ignite Your Power!

… a 12 part course and community to help use your intensity to connect with your unique strengths, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life!

STEP ONE: STOP And Get  Crystal Clear.

  • Observe how Excitability shows up in your life where you may not have been conscious of it or where you may have been labelling it a fault. Then learn how this unique combination of traits can reveal your hidden talents and abilities.

  • Examine how you spend your time each day and how this impacts your energy so that you can learn strategies to maximize your time, uncover your priorities, and feel better by conserving your energy where you need to so you can use it for what’s important and not max out too soon.

STEP TWO: THINK to clarify your priorities to better meet your own needs.

  • Get clear on your own sense of purpose so that your actions can stay in line with your priorities and you don’t waste your time on things that feel urgent, but aren’t really important in the scheme of things.

  • Explore effective ways to work towards your priorities while making sure that you’re taking care of your own needs in a way that allows you to take care of the important people in your life.

STEP THREE: ACT By Finding Strategies And Routines That Work For You.

  • Leverage the power of routine, rituals and automatization to work towards your priorities in simple yet powerful ways that feel good and, at the end of the day, leave you with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • Develop strategies and systems that allow you to bounce back when life throws you a curveball so that you can continuously maintain to balance your energy and harness your superpowers in a way that feels good without worrying about giving up.

STEP FOUR: REQUEST Support To Help You Stay On Track.

  • Learn effective compassionate communication (NVC) strategies to help you get the support that you need, and say no when it’s not in line with your deepest values and needs so that you can focus on what’s important.

  • Maintain a support network of community who can support you as you move forward together.

“I knew I would learn quite a bit going into the “Ignite Your Power” program, but I had no idea that I would be able to choose just how to use the program! It was so thoughtfully designed, giving me access to weekly video presentations, and audio and powerpoint material and a workbook, along with group calls and an online group. I have never felt that supported. I made a few friends, worked my way through the material at my own pace, and took from it a whole new understanding in the way I function. I’d take it again in a heartbeat!” ~ Carissa Jane Reid, Writer

What’s Included:

  • A Find Your Power Guide To Uncover Your Strengths So You Can Connect With Your Hidden Talents And Abilities.

  • 12 Recorded Classes And Exploration Assignments To Learn Strategies You Can Use Again And Again To Help Make The Best Choices To Move Forward.

  • Variable formats including audio, transcript and additional discussion recordings.

  • A comprehensive “Ignite Your Power” Workbook For Each Lesson That You Can Reference In The Future To Remind You Of Your Powers, Priorities And Plan.

  • Special rewards for completing each lesson!
  • Access To A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals So You Can Get Support And Feedback On Your Process And Connect With Other People Who Are Going Through Similar Things.

Ignite Your Power Course

“I’ve been listening to the recordings on my breaks at work. Your class is really helping me understand how not to be broken. I’m embracing the fact that I feel & experience the world differently than many others. I use the tools I’ve learned in your class to work and play better with others… When I wan to say something or do something because I’m feeling ‘hurt,’ I wait. I sit on it. I allow the emotion part to have a chance to marinate for a bit. Then I always end up just thinking, ‘boy I’m glad I didn’t react!” …I’m not even going to respond now, because it’s not important to me anymore… Many thanks for helping me understand that I’m not a crack pot. I just FEEL more than others.” Kimberly Huneycutt, Replenish Wellness

But that’s not all!

If you join our Embracing Intensity Membership, you can also gain access to our entire library of past guest calls from expert guests on topics such as perfectionism, imposter syndrome and asynchronous development, and join us live for the 2022 speaker series!

What is the Investment?

The Ignite Your Power program can be accessed for $99.99 or through the Embracing Intensity Membership with a $19.99 a month membership.

How is this program different?

There are many programs out there that focus on goal setting, self-care, finding your purpose and time management.  My program is different because it gets at the core of the problem that makes all of those things difficult.

You’re Highly Sensitive, so you need more self-care than others…

… BUT you are also highly motivated to make a difference in the world and can push yourself past your own limits.

My program helps you find balance between the two without giving up on one part or the other.

You can listen to the first lesson free on the Embracing Intensity Podcast, and join the community for the full discussion and lessons.

I never thought I would work with a life coach but it was one of the best things I did last year. The toolkit alone was worth the price of the Ignite Your Power Program! I signed up because I thought it was a good time with extra flexible time ahead of me. Then life happened and got pretty crazy, but your tools helped me get through. It’s kind of like having a baby you know, there’s never a ‘right time’ to do it. I’m glad I did it when I did.” ~ Rifat Salam, Professor of Sociology

Important: If you do nothing…

… You’ll continue the cycle of sprinting then crashing.

… You’ll keep spending time on the urgent things that aren’t so important in the grand scheme of things.

… You’ll keep wondering what’s wrong with you instead of seeing what’s really right!

Use your fire without getting burned!

Connect with your unique powers, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life.

Ready to take the next step?

Sign up for the course only here, or join us in the Embracing Intensity Membership with a free 3 day trial then $19.99 a month!

Amy Pearson

Aurora is a pioneer. A true thought leader in the area of excitability. The Dali Lama once said, “the world will be saved by western women.” But how is that possible when so many talented and gifted women rush to judge themselves as wrong. Aurora helps excitable people stop making themselves wrong so they can see their true Super Powers! And then use them to do amazing things, in their own lives and in the world. Thank you Aurora!” ~ Amy Pearson, Live Brazen

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