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From Burnout to Brilliance

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Conquer Burnout and Truly Thrive w/ Zarya Rubin, MD

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Are you a smart, passionate person struggling with chronic stress and burnout? Do you have an endless to-do list, taking care of everyone’s needs but your own? Has your physical and mental health started to suffer to the point where you are constantly exhausted, irritable, not sleeping well, uninspired, and frazzled? Do you want to make a change in 2023 so you don’t keep falling back into the same cycle of burnout, take a short break that isn’t restorative, and back into burnout again? This free webinar with Dr. Zarya Rubin, MD, a Harvard-educated neurologist, functional medicine physician and coach, and burnout expert, will take you on a journey through her own struggles with burnout and how she has more energy, peace, and balance now than she did decades ago. You will learn practical techniques you can use right away, as well as receive her free “From Burnout to Brilliance” guide book that you can download and reference during the master class. Dr. Zarya only takes on limited private clients, so this is a unique opportunity to work with her and ask questions in a supportive forum with other folks just like you. I know you are meant for more – you are meant to shine brightly, share your gifts with the world, thrive rather than just survive – you are meant for brilliance!

About Zarya

Zarya is a Harvard-educated Physician, certified Health & Wellness coach, and she is passionate about helping you heal through Functional Medicine. She partners with you together to get to the root cause of symptoms, creating a road map for wellness.

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