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ADHD Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford

May 20 @ May 20 - May 20

May 20 2023, 10 AM Pacific

Join us with ADHD Advocate and Coach, Arianna Bradford, who will share insights and strategies on how to boost productivity while living with ADHD. Arianna, who herself was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021, understands the unique challenges that come with being neurodivergent and will provide practical tips that can be applied in both personal and professional settings. Her talk will cover topics such as time management, prioritization, and task delegation, as well as addressing common misconceptions about ADHD and productivity. This talk is perfect for gifted, creative, and neurodivergent individuals who are seeking to enhance their productivity and success. Join us for an engaging and informative discussion that will help you unlock your potential and thrive with ADHD.

About Arianna

Arianna Bradford is an ADHD advocate and coach who is passionate about helping others with ADHD to realize that they are not “lazy” and that they do not “just need to try harder.” She was born in New Jersey, raised in Florida, started her family in Austin, Texas, lived in Portland, Oregon, and now resides in Costa Rica. With a background in education, insurance, and photography, Arianna found her true calling in working with people like herself. She is a published author of the book SHAME ON YOU: Big Truths From a Bad Mom, which features her unique sense of humor and love for swearing. As a Black woman and a parent, Arianna is not afraid to be honest about who she is and the challenges she faces. Despite the serious topics she tackles, Arianna’s talks are often peppered with humor and wit that leave audiences laughing and inspired.

About the Embracing Intensity Community

The Embracing Intensity Community is a community of gifted, creative and neurodivergent individuals who are exploring their strengths while supporting their challenges.

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May 20
May 20