Upcoming Events

From Burnout to Brilliance

Conquer Burnout and Truly Thrive w/ Zarya Rubin, MD Now Available in the Embracing Intensity Guest Call Library! Are you a smart, passionate person struggling with chronic stress and burnout? […]

See Life Through a Different Lens

Mindfulness and gratitude as a creative w/ Zaakirah Muhammad Sat Feb. 18, 10:00-11:30 AM PT Zaakirah has more than 10 years of professional photography and branding experience. She empowers people […]

ADHD Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford

May 20 2023, 10 AM Pacific Join us with ADHD Advocate and Coach, Arianna Bradford, who will share insights and strategies on how to boost productivity while living with ADHD. […]

wRITE to Heal w/ Nneka Denise

Aug 19 2023, 10 AM Pacific This month Nneka Denise is back for a new wRITE to Heal workshop - our most well attended Embracing Intensity Community Call! We'll be […]

Neurodivergent Leadership w/ Marc Almodovar Jr.

Sept 16 2023, 10 AM Pacific Join neurodiversity advocate and founder and president of the 501c3 Non Profit, Men’s ADHD Support Group, Marc Almodovar Jr., for an inspiring talk on Neurodivergent […]

Neurodivergent Intimacy w/ Cate Osburn

Sat Nov. 11, 10:00-11:30 AM PT Join us for an exciting and informative talk with Cate Osburn (@catieosaurus) about the unique relationships that neurodivergent people experience when it comes to […]