223: Overexcitability

Understanding Overexcitability

The foundation of my work on my blog and podcast has been about intensity, and it’s origins came from my work on excitability, also known as overexcitability. Excitability is when you receive and respond the world more intensely than others. Although it can make the world feel more challenging at times, it can also be your greatest strength!

Kazimierz Dąbrowski saw overexcitability as a sign of high developmental potential. That means that we see as excesses, may in fact be our biggest assets! We can either let it run our lives and consume us, or we can use it to help others and improve the world around us.

When we are overexcitable, we can experience life with great passion and joy. If not well channeled though, it can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue, and even chronic pain. It can also affect our personal relationships, if we are seen as “overreacting” to things and our productivity can suffer when expectations don’t match reality and priorities are placed in things we “think” we should do, instead of things we love to do or need to do. The problems arise when we either suppress our excitability or let it go out of control. To really get the most out of our energy, we must learn to harness it!

In this episode:

  • Excitability as a sign of high developmental potential

  • The 5 areas of excitability

  • Using your strengths instead of pushing up against your weaknesses

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