[Rerun] On Positive Disintegration w/ Chris Wells

Continuing the tradition of reruns for the month of December, and this month I’ll be sharing some of my top episodes from 2019. The top guest episode was on Positive Disintegration w/ Chris Wells, and she has a new podcast on the topicthat just came out recently! You can find the discussion recording and her latest talk on Overexitabilities in the Embracing Intensity Community.

Kazmiers Dabrowski was an early proponent of what we now call the neurodiversity movement. He asserted that what was viewed as “neuroses” were not an illness, but in fact a sign of high developmental potential! His theory of Positive Disintegration views the importance of falling apart, or disintegrating, before integrating into a higher whole.

This week, Chris Wells, Director of Qualitative Research at the Gifted Development Center, dives deeper into Dabrowski’s life, what led to his theory and how it applies to us in the current day.

In this episode:

  • How Dabrowski’s theory relates to the current neurodiversity movement.

  • How his own life experiences and trauma impacted his theory.

  • The importance of values.

  • The three factors of developmental potential.

  • How dynamisms, or the forces that drive our actions, serve as a catalyst to higher development.


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