Harnessing the Power of Your Intensity!

A Free Self-Regulation Workbook For Gifted, Creative And Twice-Exceptional Adults & Teens.

Do you ever feel like you’re too much?

Too emotional? Too analytical? Too sensitive? Too intense? And at the same time, you sometimes feel like you are not enough?

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  • Learn the 5 types of intensity and how they can be your greatest superpowers.

  • Explore how to harness them and keep them from getting out of control or suppressed.

  • Learn tips to channel each intensity in a positive direction.

  • Use the STAR process to improve your self-regulation skills

  • Create your own toolkit to get in your “power zone.”

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“I like the STAR process because it’s an answer to “I am feeling lost, what can I do right now? Becoming aware of what my sensitivities and excitabilities are has changed the way I approach my days. I give myself more rest and plan my tasks in a way that honors who I am.” ~ Lana Quackenbush, Early Childhood Educator

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