Your Personal Energy Audit

April 10, 2020
April 10, 2020 auroraremember

When I first started writing about intensity and self regulation 5 years ago, I was coming out of some intense adrenal fatigue and many of my executive functioning strategies to get by in my work were working against me in the energy department. I found myself constantly trying to force myself to do the things I thought I “should” be doing for my health but found difficulty in maintaining those habits due to my executive functioning deficits & undiagnosed ADHD.

I read so many health books, and tried so many alternative therapies, but the best shift for me was not in physical changes but in mental ones.

Your Personal Energy Audit

I became aware of the 5 domains of energy balance, physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual and started looking at how my daily activities were either energizing me or draining me or causing stress. With this knowledge I was able to start working in more energizing activities and reduce the draining ones.

I also looked at how my own intensity affected my stress cycle. Since our reaction to stress increases exponentially with each stressor, those of us who already react more intensely start from a higher state of reactivity. This is why building our own self regulation skills is so imperative.

When I say self regulation, it is not to be confused with self control. The term self control comes from a judgemental place where we try to push ourselves into the things we think we “should” do. Self regulation, on the other hand, is more about developing tools and creating an environment where we can thrive.

Taking these things into consideration, I took a deep look at how I spent my own time and where it was draining and energizing to me. I came to realize that while there were some draining things I had to do to survive, there were other things I could let go in order to make room for the things that brought me energy.

Most recently I’ve been working on being more in the present moment, as dwelling in the past or ruminating about the future is inherently draining. Working from home more now, I find myself prone to what Brigid Schulte calls “contaminated time,” where I may be doing one thing in the moment but am worried about something else.

In my newest workbook, Balancing Your Time & Energy, I break down these aspects of balancing your time and energy so you can do your own personal energy audit and consider where you can shift your energy in a positive way.

As always, you can get my first workbook in the Ignite Your Power series on Harnessing the Power of Your Intensity Free here.

Free Lesson on Balancing Your Energy & Stress

I’m creating some free short family friendly self regulation lessons that I’m sharing here. In this lesson, you will learn about the 5 energy domains and how you can use them to balance your own levels of energy and reduce stress. You can find the worksheet here and video here, or just click the images below.

Balancing Your Energy & Stress


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