29: The Power of Self-Knowledge with Stella Orange

The great thing about us Intense, Sensitive, and Passionate women, is that we keep finding new ways to think about and redefine those very words. Each of us has something unique to bring to this world, and sometimes it is all too tempting to forget that uniqueness is also our power. What is your message? Your passion project? Your reason for getting up in the morning? Have you used that knowledge to power your life, or are you letting that potential slip by?

Enter Stella Orange, a woman in pursuit of herself. Stella learned from an early age that the key to a happy life was fully embracing her true identity. Due to her cross-cultural background, trips across the country, and life-changing encounters with friends and family, Stella has found a path that really works for her, and she wants to help you too. Listen as she and Aurora talk about what it means to fully Embrace your inner self-fueled power, and how that can translate to business, relationships, and your own lifelong joy! However your Intensity manifests itself today, make sure to embrace it.

Also in this week’s episode of Embracing Intensity! 

  • Stella shares experiences from her childhood that created her unique perspective on life

  • Aurora and Stella discuss privilege: how gender, race, and even body-type can have a serious impact on self-image.

  • Find better ways to connect with clients, your family, and yourself.

  • Learn about expression and working with others towards a common vision

  • Stella shares the details of her journaling and meditation practices.

  • Learn which routines and rituals have a place in your journey.

  • What does talking to yourself have to do with success in other areas of your life? Stella can explain that one!

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