251: Neurodivergence and Queerness with Leela Sinha

Today’s episode is a recording of our talk with Leela Sinha on the intersection of neurodivergence and gender. This is definitely not an “inside-the-box” topic. You can find the full discussion in the Embracing Intensity community at community@embracingintensity.com.

In this episode with Leela:

  • The overlap between autism and gender diversity
  • How neurodivergence is defined as a very broad umbrella term for the different ways that people’s brains function
  • Why the definition of queerness has changed over time but is still used as an umbrella term
  • The overlap between queerness and neurodivergence
  • How growing up with a different sense of known reality will cause attitudes and moves of self-protection
  • How deconstruction occurs in society and feels “right” to stigmatized people
  • Why identifying as non-binary or trans has become trendy as people have become more aware of their options for exploration
  • Challenges in the non-binary gender spaces because of bias even in inclusion views
  • How a fully nourishing environment helps neurodivergent kids understand their options and feel safe to express themselves
  • How the progression occurs in media representation for queer representation and non-binary representation
  • How pathologizing neurodivergence or queerness can affect a person’s ability to access resources and care
  • Why accessibility is often not accounted for in the help and support spaces

Resources for Sadie and Aurora:

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