250: Passive Income and Side Hustles with Sadie Smiley

We all have our “beyond our wildest imagination” dreams that we never realistically hope to achieve. This is not true for today’s guest. She truly is living her dream in a place she never thought possible, and she’s teaching others to reach for the unimaginable also. Join us to learn more!

Sadie Smiley created Passive Income Pathways, where she gives expert advice about online businesses and how passive income can help achieve your wildest goals. She pushes people to learn how to make full-time money with part-time work, teaching them to “create, sell, kick ass, and repeat.”

In this episode with Sadie:

  • Why Sadie is intensely passionate about helping people make money beyond their wildest dreams
  • The key to Sadie’s success: networking with others with different superpowers as a trade-off for the things she doesn’t love to do
  • How Sadie’s personal brand of intensity in being “too much” means that she submerges herself 100% into whatever she does
  • Why a time audit color code can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs
  • How to charge your “happy price” and feel good about it
  • How Sadie, with ADHD and autism, was a gifted student with good grades who had problems following rules
  • How Sadie helps clients make money, no matter what barriers they have
  • How Sadie learned where she was “masking” herself and learned to feel loved, cared for, and respected through the love of her husband
  • How Sadie’s intensity has felt out of control many times because of her neurodiversity and personality issues, but she has learned to “grow through” the intensity
  • How Sadie uses her fire for good in channeling her intensity into coaching and helping others
  • How Sadie feels safe in her life now and doesn’t worry about doing things wrong “according to the experts”
  • Why showing up consistently for her family, clients, and readers has helped Sadie manifest everything she has achieved
  • How to focus on something small that is within your control when you feel the “shame spiral”
  • Why Sadie loves helping others identify their passions and interests to give them what they need
  • Sadie’s parting advice: “Work hard on showing up authentically and with consistency. Do something every day to move your business forward, and success will be the only option. Picture your wildest, craziest dream–and then work backward from it to show up every day to make it happen.”

Resources for Sadie and Aurora:

Connect with Sadie at  www.sadiesmiley.com or here to learn about the Passive Income Pathways membership program.

Visit www.embracingintensity.com/community for more information and to learn about future events!

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