224: Breaking the Stress Cycle

Today’s show is all about taking a holistic approach to achieve balance and take back control of your life. Join us to learn more.

Zarya Rubin is a physician and functional medicine health coach. She is a formerly stressed-out mom who now helps women in mid-life get to the root of their health issues and manage their stress to take back control of their lives.

Breaking the Stress Cycle

Show Highlights:

  • What is stress?

  • The relationship between stress, control, and our response to stressors

  • The body’s primal response: fight, flight, or freeze

  • Zarya explains her self-care graphic and gives factoids about stress

  • How unmitigated stress often leads to burnout

  • Personality traits that make you prone to burnout: being a workaholic, superhero, perfectionist, or lone ranger

  • Common stressors in daily life are work, family, life events, health, finances, change/loss, and pandemic stress, which all of us have experienced in the last several months

  • How stress CAN be a positive thing that motivates us to accomplish daily tasks

  • How women can reduce stress levels by sharing with others and finding community

  • Three types of stress: acute, episodic, and chronic

  • The gut/brain connection and how stress affects it

  • How to prevent stress, manage stress, and build resilience:

    • Use stress-busting techniques.

    • Take care of the basics.

    • Use a checklist, speak up, and practice self-care.

    • Practice breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness.

  • What self-care is

  • Types of rest: physical, mental, social, sensory, emotional, spiritual, and creative

  • Zarya gives examples of breathing exercises and meditation that you can try at home

  • Tips for good health habits for those with executive functioning impairments


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