220: Beyond Traditional Success with Dr. Zarya Rubin

Today’s guest had all the markers of traditional success, an Ivy League Education, letters after her name and a well paying career, but she realized she was miserable because she was not being authentic to herself. She broke out of the medical system to help people in a more holistic way. Join us!

Dr. Zarya Rubin is a Harvard-educated physician and certified health and wellness coach who is passionate about helping people heal through functional medicine. She partners with her clients to get to the root cause of symptoms and create a roadmap to wellness.

Zarya Rubin MD

Show Highlights:

  • Why Zarya considers herself a “multipotentialite” who is passionate about many interests and has engaged her entrepreneurial qualities in many varied careers

  • How Zarya’s love of opera singing has fared during the time of COVID

  • Zarya’s personal brand of intensity means that she has always been “a lot,” but seemed like a “garden variety normal intense person” during her time in NYC

  • Why she is intense about political activism and her many passions but has learned to be quieter as she has aged and come into the coaching space, learning to live a slower paced life on the west coast

  • How Zarya’s intensity has transformed over the years as she grew up as a shy and quiet child

  • How the acceleration from kindergarten to 3rd grade in one year led to Zarya’s inner struggle with darkness and anxiety

  • The disastrous outcome of Zarya’s acceleration in school leading her to become a burnt out gifted kid

  • Cultural factors that influenced Zarya stemmed from her very Jewish, very intense, and very loud family

  • How Zarya had to tone down and tune out for decades to make herself more acceptable to women in friendships and men in relationships, which also meant she dumbed down her education and career

  • How Zarya’s intensity never appeared out of control outwardly, but she inwardly dealt with anxiety and PTSD

  • How Zarya uses her relentless pursuit of answers and solutions for the good of her clients and her family

  • How Zarya’s husband helped her gain a new perspective on social media posts

  • What parents of gifted kids really want

  • How Zarya harnesses the power of her intensity by embracing, recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting it

  • How Zarya’s goal as a coach is working with women in midlife to help them find their spark, joy, and passion again


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