This week instead of sharing a new episode, I am participating in a Podcast Blackout protesting the deaths of Black people slain by police violence or victims of hate crimes. I will share some links and resources below if you would like to do more work around anti-racism and don’t know where to begin.


(This list is missing MANY names)

  • Trayvon Martin age 17 2012

  • Tamir Rice age 12 2014

  • Eric Garner 2014

  • Sandra Bland age 28 2015

  • Freddie Gray age 25 2015

  • Alton Sterling age 37 2016

  • Philando Castile age 32 2016

  • Botham Jean age 26 2018

  • Atatiana Jefferso age 28 2019

  • Ahmaud Arbery age 25 2020

  • Doug Lewis age 39 2020

  • Breonna Taylor age 26 2020

  • George Floyd age 46 2020


I have compiled and organized resources on this Pinterest page according to themes I’ve observed online in this Responding to White Supremacism Pinterest Board, feel free to send me other resources or topics to include.

A good start is to learn how to apologize when you inevitably do something wrong, this video from Franchesca Ramsey on Getting Called Out: How to Apologize is a good start.

Then read this article, White people, stop asking us to educate you about racism to understand why it is our responsibility as white people to educate ourselves and then pay BIPOC educators who specialize in this area to go deeper.

Educate yourself on being a better ally, some of these posts are a good start, and reading some of these books would be even better, and better yet pay anti racism educators for their trainings.

Then take action, these two posts are a good start: Want to do better, but aren’t sure where to start? Start here and 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.