27: Seeing in ADHD with Jennie Friedman

Today’s guest is Jennie Friedman, the host of See In ADHD and also a professional Mindset Coach, who specializes in helping people to share their passions with the world. Listen in to find out more.

Jennie has more than twenty years of experience in the world of business, which she marries with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, to help people to expand their opportunities for income and connectivity. Listen in today and find out what sets Jennie apart from the rest and discover how she uses her understanding and her classes, which are all dedicated to a single mission, to bring out the best from deep within you, within a matter of weeks.

Today, Jennie talks to Aurora about:

  • How she first got into ADHD coaching.

  • Her own, personal brand of intensity.

  • Her passion for the destigmatization of ADHD and for mental health.

  • How ADHD has affected her family.

  • How Jennie sees her own behaviour as being different to that of people with ADHD.

  • How she stopped watching TV for two years, after 911.

  • How mellow she’s become, since menopause.

  • What’s helped her to harness the power of her intensity.

  • How her podcasts explore thinking outside of the box.

  • How music can help people with dementia to communicate.

  • How there’s hope for all of us to learn from one another.

  • Why she relaunched and renamed her podcast.

  • How she learned to love being herself.

  • A fascinating book that she would really recommend for someone struggling with anxiety or emotional overwhelm.

  • How she helps people to feel their own fire.

To find out more about Jennie: 

Podcast about ADHD- See In ADHD (on iTunes)

Jennie’s recommended book: Focused Forward by James Ochoa.

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