249: Outside-the-Box: Thinking About Time Management with Emily Roach-Griffin

Time Management for the Neurodivergent

Today’s episode is a recording from last fall about time management from a neurodivergent perspective. We are joined on the guest call by Emily Roach-Griffin, who is ADHD and gifted, and her insights resonate soundly with many of us. She is a business coach and speaker at BizBFF who loves helping business owners and those with an entrepreneurial spirit to build businesses and lives they love. Join us to hear Emily’s nuggets of wisdom about practical time management strategies!

In this episode with Emily:

  • Journaling prompts about what’s most difficult about time management
  • Emily shares why time management should be thought of as “task management”
  • Why we need to unravel and untether ourselves from much of our traditional thinking about productivity and self-worth
  • Emily shares about the importance of a toolbox of strategies, realizing that different tools may be effective on different days to help with:
    • “Time blindness” and time awareness, like a timer and to-do list
    • Being on time, like an app
    • Task management, like breaking large tasks into “baby tasks”
    • Prioritize tasks, like containers
  • How Emily has “game-ified” her household tasks to change her perspective
  • Why time management is NOT about getting more done in less time
  • Emily stresses the importance of using a check-in system with your energy level to determine what is possible
  • Why avoiding certain tasks might be our attempts to conceal our pain

Resources for Emily and Aurora:

Connect with Emily: Biz BFF and Facebook

Why Bother: Discover the Desire for What’s Next by Jennifer Louden

Visit www.community.embracingintensity.com to find the library of all EI guest calls and to RSVP to future events!

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