248: Tap into Your Intuition with Cam Werley-Gonzales

Timely message

Today’s show carries a timely message for those of us who returned to work or school after the anxiety-ridden shutdown of the pandemic. As we try to move forward, many of us still face anxiety and burnout. My guest’s message of tapping into your intuition and doing things outside the box is relevant to almost everyone. Join us to learn more!

Cam Werley-Gonzales is an intuitive, living visionary, gifted embodiment expert, and intuitive unschooling catalyst. She is the owner of the Cambria Institute, a company that celebrates learning and living fully outside the proverbial education “box.” With over 25 years as an expert educator, it is Cam’s deepest conviction that while learners can engage with some success in typical schools, they are optimally served by alternate learning pathways, most notably “unschooling.” The Cambria Institute supports gifted families to embody their giftedness in all areas of life. The truth is that we get to learn, friend, work, love, parent, hobby, and enjoy all the things that come along with this intense and massively phenomenal gifted life with ease and alignment, uniquely in our own way.

In this episode:

  • Why Cam is intensely passionate about unschooling and her family’s unconventional life of travel and location independence as digital nomads
  • How Cam opened an alternative-style brick and mortar school in Pasadena in 2019–right before the pandemic chaos began
    Why the Cambria Curated Community (CCC) was formed as a community of unschooling families
  • How Cam’s personal brand of intensity means big feelings and big emotions–all the time
  • How Cam’s intensity affected her in childhood with the need to hide her true self and be a people-pleaser in her family
  • How Cam learned “to play the school game” really well as a kid but was traumatized, in part because of Pragmatic Language Impairment
    Differences in Pragmatic Language Impairment (PLI) and autism
  • How Cam noticed communication differences the most in relationship with her spouse, who comes from a different cultural background
  • How Cam learned to tone down and tune herself out in her professional career as a teacher and just follow what she was told to do
  • How Cam’s intensity got out of control when she was homeschooling her oldest son
  • How Cam uses her fire for good to help families learn unschooling and live intuitively
  • How unschooling is defined: “Trusting that each person will intuitively be drawn to learn all the things they need to learn in their lifetime to tap into who they are as individuals so that their learning caters directly to them. The focus is on self-direction in learning.”
  • How our intuition relates to our authenticity as a unique person and promotes emotional intelligence
  • How Cam harnesses the power of her intensity by tuning into her happiness and joy with her life, family, and work
  • Why Cam adopted the personal habit of giving herself the gift of “slow mornings”
  • How Cam helps others use their own fire by teaching people to tap into their true intuition and authenticity
  • Parting words from Cam: “Learn to tap into your intuition. Decide what is working for you and what is not working to align yourself with your authenticity.”


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