247: Drama vs. Passion with Alexandra Loves

Is it Passion or Drama?

Today’s episode is the Embracing Intensity Community Call with guest speaker Alexandra Loves. The topic is Drama vs. Passion, which is highly relevant to intense people. I’m excited to share this with you! You can find the full discussion at www.community.embracingintensity.com. As I’m working hard to finish out this school year, I am busy behind the scenes with some great projects planned for this coming summer and fall, and I’ll be sharing more about those later. Enjoy the call with Alexandra!


In this episode:

    • How Alexandra defines the concept of drama vs. passion: “Passion is an intense desire or emotion sourced from within from a loving place. Drama is a chaotic, ungrounded emotional desire that comes from a place of fear and is sourced from ‘out there’.”
    • A personal example of a conversation Alexandra had recently with someone about their passion–but it felt manipulative
    • What it feels like when someone says, “You are being dramatic.”
    • How Alexandra has learned to look for clarity and mutual trust in relationships
    • Why your passions are worth protecting with high standards and boundaries
    • How to deal with intense emotions and discern between drama and passion


Connect with Alexandra and claim a free download, Unstuck: Remedy for Internal Toxicity: www.alexandraloves.com.Find her Woke Wisdom Podcast.Join our community: www.community.embracingintensity.com

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