221: Survival Mode

I once again had other plans for this episode but I realized I’ve hit survival mode for the school year. Every year since 8th grade, I’ve had what I called Spring Fever when I’d crash at the end of the school year. I’ve come to realize that it’s the fatigue that comes from over taxing my executive functioning skills for too long. 

Add a pandemic, last minute taxes, aging hormones, unfavorable med change and adapting to my son’s new schedule getting up earlier Mondays, and my brain’s pretty much toast today!

Survival Mode

In this episode: 

  • My creativity and new thought currently dried up

  • Meds are like brain glasses

  • Giving grace through the end of school

  • I’m opening up some 1:1 spots for coaching and adult learning assessment

  • An exciting collaborating to revamp my website with more info on how that looks this summer!

  • Threadless sale 15% off and just added all of Jays Workshop squirrel merch!

  • Call recording for Breaking the Stress Cycle available in the Embracing Intensity Community

  • Next call on Asyncronous Dev in Gifted Adults with Tiffany Chhuom