22 Journal Prompts for Gifted and Outside the Box Thinkers

July 31, 2018 auroraremember

My Embracing Intensity Podcast has been a wonderful tool for sharing stories of gifted and outside the box thinkers about how they have used their intensity in a positive way. Starting the solo episodes gave me the opportunity to share my own reflections, but I was missing the opportunity to share community reflections. 

22 Journal Prompts for Gifted and Outside the Box Thinkers

I decided to start sharing Weekly Reflection Questions on Patreon, based on themes from the podcast, in order to get more discussion going. These questions can also be used as journal prompts for private self-reflection. 

In order to access them all together, I have coated the first 22 reflection questions here. You can find new questions each week on Patreon

While the questions are available to anyone, Patrons can access other useful tools for self-exploration such as monthly seasonal Reconnect Retreat guides and my Ignite Your Power course. It is also a great way to support the continued production of the Embracing Intensity Podcast!

If you join us on Patreon by August 6th, you can also get additional bonuses as a part of our pledge drive! 

  1. How do you think gender expectations have affected how you express your intensity?

  2. When have you changed yourself, or put yourself in draining situations in order to “fit in?”

  3. What things do you find better to do with other people?

  4. What message do you need to share with the world?

  5. What activities do you find the most energizing?

  6. What helps you connect with your roots?

  7. When have you had to shift gears to keep doing what you love?

  8. When have you felt like a chameleon? How has it affected you?

  9. Where in your life have you felt like an imposter?

  10. What happens when you are fully able to express who you are? What do you think might happen if you had this opportunity more?

  11. When have you stopped yourself from saying what you thought because you were afraid it wouldn’t be “nice”? Would you do things differently if you had another opportunity?

  12. What do you feel like you HAVE to do, even if you don’t have the time?

  13. What helps you get comfortable being uncomfortable?

  14. What aspect of your own light have you been dimming?

  15. How do you keep your inner fire burning without burning out?

  16. How do you give yourself compassion?

  17. How do you let go of other things so you can enjoy the moment?

  18. What rituals do you have for getting into a creative space?

  19. What helps you connect with your own inner knowing?

  20. What keeps you thinking instead of taking action?

  21. Are you more of a reader or a writer? Why?

  22. What are signs for you that a relationship is positively challenging vs. diminishing?

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