21: Finding Success Doing What You Love with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Has your personal message gotten muddled? Do you ever feel like you’ve lost what it means to be You? The world is sending you a lot of messages. For an Intense Woman, the messages can be difficult to sort through, and your own voice can seem to fade through all the noise.

In this week’s episode of “Embracing Intensity,” Aurora interview Dr. Carol Parker-Walsh of Evolve Image Consulting. Carol is a former lawyer with a story unlike any other. Her mission is to encourage women to find their true voice, re-create their brand or their business, and find success doing the things they love. Listen and be encouraged by Carol’s story of conviction, challenge, and triumph in this week’s podcast!

Also on the podcast:

  • Hear Carol’s message and become a woman of influence!
  • See how the support of her proto-Feminist Father enabled Carol to become the person she is today.
  • An accident changed the course of Carol’s life forever.
  • Carol shares her independent spirit and intense passion about freedom and belief.
  • Discover what made Carol walk away from a lucrative career.
  • Experience how the role of women in the household has taken on a new meaning in her life.
  • Experience Carol’s perspective as a woman of color on society, equality, and stereotyping.
  • Tuning yourself out can lead to an implosion; see how Carol reconciled her intensity in her family relationships.
  • Carol shares the best advice her Father and Mother gave her.
  • What are some ways to live out your values and passions while still staying accountable to your goals?
  • See how to un-muddle your message: support your own message with your wardrobe!

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