202: Chipping Away Layers of Societal Conditioning with Julia R. Wild

Today’s show focuses on highly sensitive people. My guest loves helping HSPs uncover the layers of conditioning put on them by society and bloom in their uniqueness. Join us to learn more.

Julia R. Wild is a bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and trauma educator with a Master’s degree in psychology. She’s also a writing, creativity, and life coach. Her first self-help book for sensitives became an Amazon #1 bestseller, and she’s a TEDxMileHigh Blogger. Julia loves helping highly sensitive and empath children and women find their soulful, powerful voice. Part of her work also helps parents of highly sensitive children better relate to their kids. Julia enjoys disrupting conformity and subverting the dominant paradigms so people can express their unique, sovereign creativity and live extraordinary lives. She is a big believer in writing for healing and embracing the shadow as much as the light. She has two projects slated for publication soon, including her Master’s thesis on autism from a spiritual perspective.

Chipping Away Layers of Societal Conditioning with Julia Wild

Show Highlights:

  • Why is Julia intensely passionate about her creativity, being an “old soul,” helping people find their voice, social justice, equality, and animals

  • How Julia grew up in a household with extreme abuse and dysfunction in Manhattan but attended an all-girls private school

  • How Julia’s personal brand of intensity involves being direct and blunt with a heightened sensory perception of sounds and smells

  • Growing up, Julia’s intensity made everything more pressurized and challenging because of her toxic home and stuffy school

  • How Julia’s cultural factors involved growing up in the rich environment of NYC, which gave her perspective and helped her be open-minded

  • Why Julia has to water down what she says and writes

  • How her intensity gets out of control with things she finds too stimulating

  • How Julia uses her fire for good to help sensitives set boundaries and self-advocate

  • Julia’s Master’s thesis, which gives a new, more balanced perspective to autism

  • How Julia harnesses the power of her intensity with self-care, valuing her capacity for depth, and using her intensity in service to others

  • Personal habits that help Julia are writing, channeling energy, and finding an appropriate use of humor

  • The best advice Julia ever received:

    • From Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are, pay attention the first time.”

    • From the Buddha: “Don’t believe anything because you heard it. Find out for yourself.”

    • “You’ve gotta risk it to get the biscuit.”

  • Books that Julia recommends: Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, Citizen by Claudia Rankine, and The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

  • How Julia helps others use their fire by “unconditioning” people and undoing the layers of conditioning that have been put on them by society

  • Parting words from Julia: “Honor your sensitivity. If you’re weird or different, stay weird or different. It’s healing to tell your story, so value it.”


Find Julia and her work:  Julia Rose Wild

Being highly sensitive usually means processing information thoroughly and having an increased consciousness of human dynamics.
Chipping Away Layers of Societal Conditioning with Julia R Wild
Honor your sensitivity. If you’re weird or different, stay weird or different. It’s healing to tell your story, so value it.