189: Using His Fire for Good with Matt Zinman

Today’s show is about swimming against the current and going against the flow. Listen to learn more about focusing on what feels good at the gut level.

Matt Zinman is a personal success trainer whose varied experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caretaker, consultant, and nonprofit founder drive him to be a difference-maker. His insights about self-discovery, relationships, mindfulness, and life enrichment led him to write Z-Isms: Insights to Live By and fulfill his goal to positively impact as many people as possible. In addition, Matt is CEO of The Internship Institute, which he established in 2007 to bridge the gap between education, active duty, and employment.

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Show Highlights:

  • As a Philly area native, Matt is passionate about ice hockey, entrepreneurship, internships, his nonprofit, and his book

  • Matt’s inspiration for writing Z-Isms, which contains pearls of wisdom, wit, and insights

  • Matt’s personal brand of intensity is channeled through ice hockey and his “relentlessly positive optimism”

  • The relevance of earned confidence from what you’ve endured

  • Since Matt contended with depression since his early teens, he had to learn how to take care of himself and notice his “mood scale”

  • How he became the caretaker for his mom, who contracted HIV through a tainted blood transfusion, and he learned to convert intensity into gratitude

  • The cultural factors that affected Matt, who was a Jewish kid in a Catholic high school

  • How Matt learned to be an even-keeled person through years of staying in control

  • How Matt felt his intensity get out of control as he lost his mom over time to HIV and dementia

  • How Matt used his fire for good by pushing through in his career and swimming against the current

  • How Matt harnessed the power of his intensity by paying attention to his anchors, like ice hockey, spontaneous connection to others, and positivity

  • How Matt created rituals around mindfulness and gratitude

  • The best advice Matt ever received was to trust himself and not overthink everything

  • A book that helped Matt was Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

  • How Matt helps others trust themselves and earn confidence, teaching them to take pride in yielding vs. always trying to win the fight

  • Final words from Matt: “Have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Be proactive. Stay upbeat, and take care of yourself.”


Find Matt and his tools and resources: www.z-isms.com

Find Z-Isms on www.amazon.com.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

"Choose reconciliation over retaliation." ~ Matt Zinman
Using his fire for good with Matt Zinman
"Turn your difficulties into opportunities and 'deal with the real.'" ~ Matt Zinman