187: A Cautionary Tale of Non-Violent Communication with Meenadchi

Non-Violent communication needs to be used with caution when dealing with trauma or unbalanced power dynamics, but it can be an extremely valuable tool for self understanding, empathy and communicating our needs. Join us to learn more!

Meenadchi (they/them) has worked for over ten years in trauma services and crisis stabilization. Meenadchi’s NVC  practice began in 2002, and it quickly became a natural fit to weave these magical tools for self-compassion and accountability into Meenadchi’s daily work. Meenadchi’s NVC practice lays the groundwork for a somatic and intersectional approach to communication, incorporating tools to divest from shame and to deepen interdependent vulnerability. In December 2018, Meenadchi was invited to become Co-Conspirator Press’s inaugural author with the workbook Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication.


Show Highlights:

  • Why Meenadchi is intensely passionate about being in their body and being in flow

  • Meenadchi’s personal brand of intensity begins with their mother and their unique and meaningful name

  • How Meenadchi was labeled as the “black sheep of the family” and pushed a lot of edges growing up

  • Being from a loud Sri Lankan family gave Meenadchi a strong cultural identity influenced by the topics of war, liberation, and sovereignty

  • How Meenadchi never tried to be quieter or less intense, but sometimes didn’t understand their own brand of magic

  • A story of navigating an intense circumstance when Meenadchi felt on the cusp of acting out of alignment with their values

  • How Meenadchi learned to navigate with more care in the trauma context

  • How Meenadchi uses their fire for alignment, even though that doesn’t feel “good” for everyone else, but their fire allows them to hold good boundaries in relationships

  • How Meenadchi harnesses the power of their intensity by slowing down and being in community with people who slow down and hold them accountable

  • How the daily habits of drinking water and seeking out people who are comfortable with their own magic help Meenadchi

  • The best advice for Meenadchi came from a teacher who taught them to be quiet and centered, how to focus care on someone, and to leave their baggage at the door

  • Books that have helped Meenadchi: The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • How Meenadchi helps others find their purpose by facilitating collective spaces

  • How Meenadchi’s therapy practice has adapted during the pandemic

  • Parting words from Meenadchi: “Trust your own magic and wisdom.”


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 Instagram: @Whostoleserendib

Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication by Meenadchi

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

 Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

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Embracing Intensity

"I had to learn that I could be gentle and fiery at the same time." ~ Meenadchi
Embracing Intensity Podcast
"Trust your own magic and wisdom." ~ Meenadchi