179: How To Live The Life You Love: Raquel Muller

Are you living the life you love? For most of us, that’s a complicated question that demands an even more complicated answer. To live our best lives, we have to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative—but that’s easier said than done. Join us as we discuss it all with today’s guest.

Dr. Raquel Muller is a psychologist, mom empowerment coach, and speaker. She is the founder of Joyful Imperfection Counseling, LLC, and the creator of The Woman System. Dr. Raquel harnesses the power of cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness strategies to empower women to transform negative self-talk, let go of self-doubt and guilt, banish burnout and overwhelm, cultivate a greater self-love, and reconnect with their own greatness so they can create lives that they love while making a positive impact in their families and the world.

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Show Highlights:

  • Why Raquel is intensely passionate about supporting working moms in creating lives they love and letting go of the old notion of what a “good mom” should be

  • Why having hopes, dreams, and human needs—and honoring those does not make a bad mom

  • Raquel’s personal brand of intensity involves her radiant smile, boundless energy, and much passion

  • How Raquel grew up in Panama as a “good daughter and student” who enjoyed the spotlight, having a mic, and sharing a message

  • The cultural factors that affected Raquel as the oldest in her family who had many behavioral rules to follow

  • How Raquel knew she was expected to be an example for her younger siblings and a proper example for others who saw her in public

  • How her intensity got out of control during college when she lived away from home for the first time in a new culture that gave her more freedom

  • How she started her business and was forced to learn new skills, grow, and get in touch with her dreams

  • How she harnessed the power of her intensity by working with a coach and mentor around spiritual awareness, learning how to frame her fire and power to be more

  • The personal habits that have helped Raquel are gratitude practice, meditation, listing daily wins, and having a vision for her life

  • Good advice Raquel received was to listen to and honor her desires

  • Books that Raquel recommends: The Science of Getting Rich by W. D. Wattles and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

  • The empowerment that comes from investing in your growth

  • How Raquel helps mompreneurs with big dreams by teaching them to listen to their desires, create a vision for their lives, and be great role models for their children

  • Raquel’s favorite quote by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

  • Parting advice from Raquel: “Create your vision and go for your dreams. Find the thing that brings you alive, and go do it.”


Find Raquel’s website:  Joyful Imperfection Counseling

Email Raquel:  dr@doctorraquelmuller.com

Find Raquel’s Facebook group: Redefining Supermom

The Science of Getting Rich by W. D. Wattles and

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Create your vision and go for your dreams. ~ Dr. Raquel Muller
How to Live the Life You Love with Dr. Raquel Muller
I realized that my dreams and internal desires had been tamped down by all the expectations put on me. ~ Dr. Raquel Muller