176: Listening to Black Voices

I’ve been sitting with the best way to use my platform to share and support Black voices with the understanding that a lot of folks are exhausted right now and don’t need me jumping in their inbox. So instead of business as usual, I decided to share information about some podcasts with Black voices and highlight them. Starting with  a short clip with permission from Arianna Bradford of last week’s NYAM Project Podcast on Thoughts from a Black Mom.

Below you will find links for podcasts and youtube channels you can listen to and support using their own descriptions from their pages. If they have a Patreon, I also included that link so you can also financially support them if you’d like.

Alexandra Loves – Website and Podcast – Youtube Channel – Support her on Patreon

Helping you create what you want by being exactly who you are. Now offering Black Mentor Sessions designed to hold a space, help clear imbalances, and provide solution based guidance for those white people who want to work with her.

Arianna Bradford – The NYAM Project – Support her on Patreon

A weekly podcast consisting of anecdotes and interviews from everyday mothers and experts alike, highlighting real motherhood and questioning what we think we know about parenting and motherhood.

Andréa Ranae Johnson – A Call to Serve Podcast – Andréa Ranae’s Website –Support her on Patreon

If you have a vision for change in your communities or our world (or maybe you justknow that a different reality is possible) and you want to show up, contribute, serve or generally live the kind of life that leaves this planet better than you found it – you’re in the right place.

Colin E Seale – thinkLaw Podcast  – thinkLaw Website

Critical Thinking is the most essential 21st century skill but it is still a luxury good. Only 1 out of 10 educators teach critical thinking, and this educator usually only teaches at elite schools or to the most elite students.

Gary Ware – Gary Ware on Youtube – Breakthrough Play Website

Helping you improve your business, relationships, and life…with play

Jaiden Love – Jaiden Love on Youtube – Held and Heard Website

Bringing More Love into the World By Teaching the Essentials of Gender Identity & Support.

Leesa Renée Hall – Leesa’s Website – Podcasts featuring Leesa – Support her on Patreon

Exploring Bias One Field Trip at a Time. On her Patreon she is creating Inner Field Trips™ with writing prompts to help you unpack your biases around racism, in a supportive  environment.

Phyllis G. Williams & LaTricia Smith – Living the Principles Podcast

A podcast committed to relevant conversations about strengthening the Black Community.

René Brooks – Black Girl, Lost Keys Blog – Podcasts featuring René – Support her on Patreon

A blog that empowers black women with ADHD and shows them how to live well with the disorder.

Sharon Burton – Spark Your Creative Podcast

Spark Your Creative is a  company under the SJB Creative Ventures, LLC that  focuses on creativity coaching…for individuals initially who want to discover or reclaim their creative gifts.

Zaakirah Nayyar – Living Legacy Podcast 

The Living Legacy Podcast features women of purpose sharing stories of resilience.

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