174: Things Only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand

Last week someone on Twitter tagged me in a post asking if I was familiar with the concept of over-excitability. It made me realize that many who follow my work around twice-exceptionality aren’t familiar with my early work which is founded on the concept of excitability. Excitability is the foundation of my work on the Embracing Intensity Podcast and Community.

Five years ago, I asked my community to help me come up with things that many of us had in common being highly excitable. I made an animated post on Buzzfeed, but I thought it was a good time to revisit the origins of my blog, and I finally figured out how to add GIFs to my own blog so I decided to revisit this post with animation on the blog, and share it here on the Podcast!

Things only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand


  • 25 things only a highly excitable person would understand.

  • Why Excitability can be your greatest power.

  • How you can harness the power of your excitability.


25 Things Only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand (Animated)

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