16: Kindred Spirits Welcome: Intense Women Raising Intense Children with Lucinda Leo

Have you ever had a chance encounter with someone who very quickly becomes a kindred spirit? You know those friends, the ones who speak your language, share many of the same experiences, and understand all your struggles? It’s the person who makes you think, “Yes! I’m not alone!” In the Intense and Gifted community, those friends are priceless. It also happens to be how Aurora found her guest for this week’s episode of “Embracing Intensity.”

Thanks to the wonderful community ofGifted/Intense bloggers and podcasters, Lucinda Leo and Aurora popped up on each other’s radar. Lucinda is a Lawyer turned Cognitive hypnotherapist/blogger in the Gifted community. Aurora found a kindred spirit in raising gifted children and exploring new ways to talk about being an Intense woman. This week, be a part of their stories of raising intense kids and the struggles of being an intense mom. From books to personal development, this podcast has a little tint of familiarity for anyone who sees themselves as Intense or Gifted.

Here’s just a slice of this week’s episode: 

  • Explore the differences in the use of the word “Gifted” in the US and UK.
  • See how Lucinda decided to leave the Law and embrace a more creative career in cognitive hypnotherapy.
  • Hear Lucinda’s desire to show parents how to enjoy parenting more.
  • Experience along with Lucinda her journey in uncovering her son’s Giftedness, only to discover she was gifted herself!
  • Learn how excitability manifests itself in an introverted sense.
  • Discover how to appreciate who you are to propel you to who you can be!
  • Lucinda has a podcast coming soon! Stay tuned for more information.

Lucinda Recommends:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney

Your Rainforest Mind by Paula Prober

Beyond Consequences: Logic and Control by Heather T Forbes


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