149: Celebrating the Duality of Life with Dr. Anita M Jackson

I saw Dr. Anita M Jackson speak on the stage at Spark Live last month and she shared that she was going through a major transformation right there on stage. After a multitude of achievements over the years, she was finally unleashing her full being to the world and fully embodying all parts of herself.

I knew that Anita was accomplished and intense, but what I didn’t know until our interview was that she also was diagnosed with ADHD while she was working on her doctorate degree. She shares how her experience with ADHD and giftedness shaped the way she though in a way that isolated her growing up but led to deep connections as she was able to harness her own power.

Celebrating the Duality of Life with Dr. Anita M Jackson

In this episode:

  • How shutting yourself down leads to imbalance.

  • Connecting easily with others by seeing the good in everybody.

  • Creating stories about being “too much” when the right community does not see you that way.

  • Caring less and less about what others think as we age.

  • The impact of being gifted with ADHD on school years.

  • Sharing insights that teachers loved, but none of her peers understood.

  • How learning about her giftedness opened the doors to possibilities.

  • Mastering her intensity to overcome trauma.

  • Her focus on achievement led her to disconnect with herself.

  • How women over give to feel deserving of the things they may be afraid to ask for.

  • The pattern of crashing hard right before her next bigger calling.

  • Being the first woman in the family to earn a high degree, buy a house, travel internationally and not get married and have kids.

  • Big dreams that started out small.

  • Personal habits that help use fire in a positive way.

  • Calling in your inner circle.


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When I love myself unapologetically, the world follows my lead. ~ Dr. Anita M Jackson
Celebrating the Duality of Life with Dr. Anita M Jackson
Old ways of thinking, believing and acting have to fall away as you go to each new level. ~ Dr. Anita M Jackson