139: Double Giftedness is a Superpower with Emily Kircher-Morris

Embracing intensity means figuring out who you are and who you want to be, whether other people like it or not. Part of the equation is figuring out why trying to fit a square peg into a round hole just isn’t going to work out well. Such is the story of my guest today who uses her personal experiences with giftedness to bring resources and counseling services to others.

Emily Kircher-Morris is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice near St. Louis, and her practice specializes in meeting the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) learners. Before working in private practice, Emily worked as a school counselor and teacher of gifted programming. She frequently speaks to groups of educators and counselors about meeting the needs of high ability learners, and she hosts The Mind Matters podcast, which explores issues related to the development of gifted and 2e individuals throughout the life span. I first encountered Emily through her podcast, as I was a recent guest there, so this is the perfect time to return the favor and have her on the show. Enjoy!


Show Highlights:

  • Why Emily is passionate about her career focused on gifted and 2e kids, as a mental health counselor, a podcaster, and someone who helps those who are unnoticed and unrecognized

  • The need for resources for gifted and 2e kids–and their parents

  • Emily’s personal brand of intensity and her fiercely independent “just let me do what I want to do” attitude

  • As an elementary student, Emily had an ADHD diagnosis and was impulsive, intense, and “too much and out of proportion”

  • How her mom was consistently in her corner through all her childhood years

  • How the stigma about behavioral expectations and gender roles affected Emily

  • How Emily has to tone down her intensity constantly but has gone through growing pains of being too intense

  • The life-changing experiences that have brought her reflection and greater awareness: motherhood and obtaining her master’s degree in counseling and therapy

  • How Emily feels her intensity is out of control when she feels “on the edge” and “about to tip over”

  • How intensity has affected Emily in many relationships

  • How Emily uses her experience every day with gifted and 2e clients, helping them understand and accept their intensity for themselves

  • Why Emily started a podcast and a non-profit to help with parent support for those with gifted and 2e kids

  • How Emily has to harness her power in personal and professional relationships with others

  • Why Emily had to find and use an organizational system

  • The best advice she’s ever received came from a counselor: “Don’t pretend that your needs don’t exist or try to extinguish them. Recognize and accept them.”

  • Why the book, A Wrinkle in Time, has meaning and long-term influence in Emily’s life

  • How Emily uses Carl Rogers’ “unconditional positive regard” to help her clients

  • Why we have to teach our kids to find their sense of belonging


The Mind Matters Podcast   Find Episode 37 to hear “You Never Outgrow Giftedness”

Find Emily and Mind Matters on Twitter:  @mindmatterspod  and @emilykm_lpc

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Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole never ends up well. ~ Emily Kircher-Morris
Double Giftedness is a Superpower with Emily Kircher-Morris
If you try to swim upstream all the time, you'll just exhaust yourself. ~ Emily Kircher-Morris