124: Connecting with Nature with Rukshana Triem

April’s theme is Time & Energy Balance. As a tool for finding balance, Rukshana Triem joins us to talk about connecting with nature.

Connecting with Nature is an amazing session to help everyone understand the importance of our health when we expose our mind and body to the outdoors. The simple things that we can practice and implement into our daily lives so we have more inner peace, love and energy. The audience will have clear understanding that nature is not intimidating but taking one step at a time that builds confidence to taking bigger steps towards other things in life. In this workshop Rukshana will share the five key values that she Teaches in her various coaching programs.

Rukshana has a huge Hunger to serve, to bring deep connection to transformation women all around the world. Rukshana Hafez Triem is an Author, inspirational Speaker, and CEO of a Womens Lifestyle Coaching LLC. Her journey started in Zambia living in a Refugee camp. Due to Trauma and overcoming her sexual abuse past, she was able to create a comfortable lifestyle that supports her family. She shares her story with others as she travels around the world, doing public speaking, workshops and Retreat and her New Mission Building schools in Africa, in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. For upcoming events in your area, sign up for the news letter here.

Call recordings for this and all past calls can be found in the Embracing Intensity Community.

Connecting with Nature with Rukshana Triem

In this episode, Rukshana shares:

  • A brief guided meditation on nature.

  • Her 5 steps to connecting with nature.

  • How nature helped her get through leaving a war torn country as a young refugee.

  • How connecting with nature helps connect with yourself.


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Never leave the playground! ~ Rukshana Triem
Connecting with Nature with Rukshana Triem
As I look with love of nature, I find it easy to look with love for myself. ~ Rukshana Triem