I wasn’t sure what to talk about for today’s podcast when I happened upon Paula Prober’s newest blog post, Can Gifted Kids Become Ungifted Adults? Hint: No but, read the full post for her take.

This got me thinking how I’ve observed as I’ve followed more neurodiverse folks on social media that people will often refer to their own giftedness in past tense and in quotes like “I was a ‘gifted’ kid,” as if giftedness was not something that still affected them now as an adult. I got to speak with Nadja Cereghetti, host of a new podcast for gifted adults called Unleash Monday, and we talked a lot about how a lot of gifted adults either don’t know they are gifted or no longer think they are.

* Recorded for the Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 197 *

In this episode:

  • We often confuse giftedness with achievement, or executive functioning skills.

  • Highly gifted folks don’t always fit the standard achievement picture because their thinking is outside the typical box.

  • Acknowledging our giftedness allows us to connect with our strengths and values to figure out what achievement really looks like for us.

  • Finding ways to support us in our executive functioning and self regulation skills can help us harness our energy in a positive direction.


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