[Rerun] Using Your Intensity to Spread and Attract Love with Alexandra Loves

This is the final rerun episode for December before we launch into a new season of interviews, solo episodes and amazing guest speakers!

Love is the very fabric of the universe, and I get so excited when I see someone using their intensity to spread the love around. My guest this week is Alexandra Loves, and I actually approached a year ago to be on the show. I’m so glad we decided to wait until now, because my connection with Alexandra has grown and bloomed during that time, giving us plenty to talk about! Alexandra is a Love Attraction Coach, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, and Entrepreneur. She is on a mission to catalyze creative power, and use her intuitive spirituality to guide her clients into their best existence. In everything she does, Alexandra is all about harnessing the power of that abundant universal fabric from which everything is made, Love.

Today, Alexandra and I are talking about how intensity can be a force for good, for love, and for large-scale transformation. Because of her international upbringing, Alexandra feels comfortable talking to just about anyone. Added to that, she never felt the need for all the labels and stereotypes in the world today, yet the world seems inclined to want to place them on everyone. Rather than let that be the reason for toning herself down, Alexandra has fully embraced who she is and what she stands for. Now she is using her gifts to help people find love, find meaning, and find who they really are.

Alexandra is teaching us today how to use our intuition. Once we begin listening, nothing can hold us back, and we can only increase our impact on what is going on around us. Alexandra says it best, “We are changing the world right now.”

[Rerun] Using Your Intensity to Spread and Attract Love with Alexandra Loves

More in this episode:

  • Alexandra shares why she is so committed to understanding her gifts and using them for a higher purpose.

  • Alexandra is on a search of Absolute Truth, and she is OK with that definition evolving over time.

  • In love, Alexandra embraces the “Wise Beyond Her Years” label.

  • Much of Alexandra’s practice deals with reconciling gender expectations within men and women.

  • Alexandra is on a mission to help us understand the dangers instant gratification.

  • The cultural factors that have shaped Alexandra’s ability to embrace her intensity and her racial identity.

  • The segregation and racial terms that put shackles around Alexandra’s neck.

  • Alexandra toned herself down in terms of dating and intensity.

  • How Alexandra realized she couldn’t tone herself down anymore.

  • Everyone struggles under assumptions and stereotypes, and we need to be aware of that!

  • Alexandra was able to heal from a damaging relationship because of her incredible support system and her own intuition.

  • What habits Alexandra uses to fuel her fire.

  • Alexandra helps women do the hard work of diving deep within themselves.

  • Learn to recognize when you are being diminished.

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Alexandra Loves