[Rerun] Not Your Average Mom with Arianna Bradford

This December, I’m continuing the tradition of sharing reruns of some of my favorite episodes, this time from Season 2. This episode is with Arianna Bradford. Since I last spoke to her, Arianna has been busy. She has dissolved the NYAM project and now writes and speaks to groups of parents for a living. Her book, Shame on You, Big Truths from a Bad Mom, was independently released July 7, and it’s been widely regarded as a fun, honest book for parents. She’s currently working on her second book, and is in the midst of relocating to Florida. You can find out more about her book, schedule her for events, and more at: theariannabradford.com

Is your personality way too big for most people to handle? And do you find yourself sometimes trying to become smaller than you really are? Today we’re super excited to have Arianna Bradford join us on the show! Arianna was the founder and lead editor of the Not Your Average Mom (NYAM) Project, which is dedicated to celebrating strong women outside of the role of motherhood. Arianna really loves to talk and to express the ideas that she has going on in her head. She often found herself trying to curb the amount of talking she did when she was in high school, but it seldom worked for longer than ten minutes. Listen in today to find out what Arianna has to share about her passion and her fire.

Arianna was raised in a small town in Florida and spent the first twenty years of her life there. She thought that she would never leave. Due to unexpected circumstances, however, she moved to Texas and stayed there for about six years. During that time, she met her husband and they had two children, Miles and Charlie. Arianna, her husband, and their two young children now live in Happy Valley, Oregon. When she’s not busy writing something or photographing people, Arianna enjoys reading, playing video games, or trying to sleep. Listen in today to find out more about Arianna and her brand of intensity.

Not Your Average Mom with Arianna Bradford

Show highlights:

  • During the time that she was living in Texas, her desire to capture images of her small son rekindled Arianna’s interest in photography.

  • Arianna loved the creative direction portion of photography when she started taking photos again, towards the end of 2014.

  • The hard part of photography for Arianna then was that there was not a lot of money to be made from it in Austen.

  • Discovering that she has a passion for working one-on-one with people, as a photographer- especially with women.

  • Arianna’s main focus is on helping women realize their own individual power and strength.

  • What growing up was like for Arianna.

  • Arianna was raised to think past what people would tell her.

  • Being raised in a household with the attitude that you may as well be straightforward because people are going to judge you anyway.

  • It took Arianna a long time to realize that sometimes it wasn’t her chasing people away. It was their own prejudices and problems that did that.

  • Arianna had to really try to curb her talking at high school, but it seldom worked for longer than ten minutes.

  • Wanting to be smaller than she was.

  • Most people believe that they need to be liked by as many people as possible.

  • An anxious moment that Arianna had back in college when she was struggling socially.

  • An incident that caused her anxiety and OCD to get out of control.

  • Arianna believes that all emotions, even negative ones, can be channeled into something positive.

  • She has made some of her greatest things in times of intense anger or sadness.

  • The NYAM project was born of intense anger in Arianna.

  • There are people who really identify with Arianna’s writing.

  • Art has really helped Arianna with harnessing the power of her intensity.

  • Working hard on communication and trying to understand where other people are coming from.

  • Remember that there’s nothing wrong with being firey. People don’t have to love you and it’s okay for your fire to warm some people more than others.


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"I've been intensely passionate about making it so that people realize how strong they really are. ~ Arianna Bradford
Not Your Average Mom with Arianna Bradford
"It's totally and completely OK for your fire to warm some and not others." ~ Arianna Bradford