[Rerun] Helping People Thrive As The Best Version Of Themselves with Kate Arms

Continuing reruns for some of my favorite episodes from season 2 for this December! This week, I’m sharing my interview with Kate Arms!

I met today’s special guest, Kate Arms, at the SENG conference recently and was so inspired by her talk entitled “Thriving with Intensity: Mining The Magic From Your Overexcitabilities” that I knew Kate would be the perfect fit for the podcast. Kate is a classic overthinker, high achiever, and multipotentialite who exudes intensity. She gets bored easily as evidenced by a career that includes being a lawyer, an arts administrator, a coach to parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids and gifted and twice-exceptional adults, and an Agile Coach in a high tech company. She is an eager student of western secular developments from Buddhist philosophy and practices and the Theory of Positive Disintegration and the author of the Extreme Resilience Workbook, L.I.F.T.: A Coach Approach to Parenting, Unblock: Writing Prompts for Works in Progress, and award winning short stories in the literary fiction and horror genres. She hosts two podcasts: Kate’s Nuggets features short episodes with advice on living well drawn from the worlds of coaching, leadership development, and psychology; Leadership Arts Review features conversations with leadership coaches about books about good leadership and the ideas in them. But what really lights her fire is being silly with her four amazing kids.

Helping People Thrive as The Best Version Of Themselves with Kate Arms

More in this episode:

  • Kate’s shares details about her personal intensity.

  • Factors that affected Kate’s intensity while growing up

  • Kate describes ways her intensity could feel out of control in the past.

  • Channeling ways of questioning others

  • Using leadership thinking to question self

  • How theater can help intense individuals.

  • No one person will have all the answers for you.

  • Kate’s personal practices

  • The personal passion that fuels Kate’s intensity

  • The magic question

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website: Parents of Twice Exceptional Kids

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