Gifted AND: A Story about Twice-Exceptionality

So I was on my way to pick up my son and listening to my interview with Colin Seale, and I was thinking about what a great story teller he was and picturing several of his stories in animation. This one in particular struck a chord about his experience as an intense gifted child with undiagnosed ADHD.

I went home and googled how to create a white board animation and it turned out Doodly, which I had looked into before had a one time flat rate deal instead of the monthly plan I couldn’t justify so I got it and made this!

In classic hyper focus mode, I dove deep into the project today and am super thrilled with how it turned out!

Colin Seale, of Think Law, describes his experience as a gifted child with undiagnosed ADHD in this Embracing Intensity Podcast short animation.

Find the full interview on Embracing Intensity Podcast episode 167: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to All Students with Colin Seale

Gifted AND