71: Using Deep Spirituality to Help Others Find Their Gifts with Angela Rose Fields

What is your life’s purpose? It’s certainly a loaded question, but it is precisely the question that opens up so many positive experiences in our lives. I love talking with spiritual leaders and healers who dig beyond “love and light” because they have devoted their lives to understanding life and giving it purpose. Many of them also happen to experience times of feeling like they are “too much,” and my guest today is no exception. I am delighted to introduce you to Angela Rose Fields. Angela is a fellow Portland local, spiritual healer, yoga teacher, coach, and so much more. Her life has been built with experiences that have stretched her to fully embrace her healing gifts, even if that was difficult or not accepted by her community. She dwells in the realms of spirituality and mental health, and she fully believes that those realms overlap and align in beautiful ways we haven’t seen yet.

Angela grew up in a conservative community, but her parents always encouraged her to forge her own path spiritually. Angela jokes that, even though she wanted to find her own unique purpose, she ended up following in her parents’ footsteps as a spiritual guide. From her trip to the Amazon at 16 to meet with local shamans and years traveling the world solo in search of purpose, Angela has accumulated so many life experiences that have only confirmed her desire to guide others to spiritual understanding. Angela is using her fire to teach the sensitive, intense, and empathetic how to find their purpose and harness their gifts for both the light and the dark that they are.

Angela treats life experiences like lessons, and she embraces her gifts with an open heart. She has much to teach us about how to find our place in this world, so let’s dive in together!

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More in this episode:

  • Angela shares all about her intense passion for spirituality, quantum physics, and mental health.
  • Excitable, sensitive, and extroverted, Angela often felt like she was too much.
  • Angela had a very atypical childhood, but she loved those unique life experiences.
  • Western culture doesn’t always see certain traits as desirable.
  • What we can learn from indigenous cultures.
  • Angela shares the beginning of her energetic awakenings.
  • Angela has learned how to connect to and harness energy.
  • Yoga practice has been an enormous help for Angela.
  • The best advice Angela has ever been given.
  • Angela is always thinking long and hard about her extremes
  • We can use every gift for good.
  • Speak through intuition and alignment.
  • Angela is helping others use their fire by speaking to the darkness and facing issues they are working through.
  • Angela’s group program, Access Intuition, is 6 weeks for the empathetic and highly sensitive.

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What we focus on grows. ~ Angela Rose Fields on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 71
Using Deep Spirituality to Help Others Find Their Gifts - Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 71 with Angela Rose Fields
I've always wanted to pave my path myself." ~ Angela Rose Fields on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 71